Lifeengineering is a dynamic and flexible engineering firm that offers services for the civil engineering sector, grouping, organising and coordinating the multiple necessary professionals under a single roof. The company's know-how comes from its associates and partners who transfer twenty years of knowledge and learning into developing and managing civil works to propose customised, brilliant and economical solutions to the industry, construction firms, real estate firms, malls, retail chains and public administrations.
Lifeengineering's specialisation in project & construction management allows them to coordinate the project from the feasibility study to commissioning from both the management and technical standpoints, strictly controlling schedules, quality and costs in order to achieve the customer's goals that can be monitored at all times. The advantages of Lifeengineering services are custom solutions that adapt to the customer's needs and immediately translated into project time and cost savings, guaranteeing its success.


Lifeengineering acts as the customer's technical partner in project construction, creating a reliable and synergic team that, respectful of roles, aims to best meet the required purposes. Lifeengineering's goal is to represent that added project value that minimises risks, eliminates uncertainties and leads to completing work in the shortest time possible and within budgets.
Lifeengineering always promotes the strict observance of work site safety, following more stringent rules than those set by current regulations, and supports environmental management to control site waste and consumption, also aimed at attaining quality certification.